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Warren County Bicentennial

Floyd Bennett speaking at Shepard Park

Warren County Bicentennial

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Inception Dates

  • County of Warren – 1813
  • Town of Bolton – 1799
  • Town of Chester – 1799
  • Glens Falls, Village – 1839
  • Glens Falls, City – 1908
  • Town of Hague – 1807
  • Town of Horicon – 1838
  • Town of Johnsburg – 1805
  • Lake George-Town – 1810
  • Lake George Village – 1962
  • Town of Lake Luzerne – 1792
  • Town of Queensbury – 1762
  • Town of Stony Creek – 1853
  • Town of Thurman – 1792
  • Town of Warrensburg – 1813

Welcome to the Bicentennial of the County of Warren 1813-2013!

On March 12, 1813, the legislators of the State of New York, recognizing the expanding settlements occurring from the banks of the Hudson, to the shores of beautiful Lake George, and well into our scenic Adirondack Mountains, signed into law a bill that would remove this area from its parent county, Washington. This new jurisdiction became known as Warren County and was named for Revolutionary War General Joseph Warren. At the time of its formation, 9 of the current 11 towns were already operating their municipal governments! A popular tourist and recreation destination, Warren County together with its towns, the City of Glens Falls, and Village of Lake George work diligently each and every day to serve residents and visitors alike!

Since 2009, officials and members of our Citizens Advisory Committee have joined together to identify and plan events in celebration of the achievements of this great county and its people.

To get into the Bicentennial Spirit, please check out our website!

We invite all to participate! And to those who have traveled away, welcome back home!!