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Warren County Bicentennial

Floyd Bennett speaking at Shepard Park

2013 Bicentennial Celebration Begins in Warren County, New York

For Immediate Release
January 7, 2013
Contact: Ann McCann
Warren County Historian
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During the Organizational Meeting of the Warren County Board of Supervisors, incoming Chairman of the Board, Kevin Geraghty, formally announced the commencement of the Warren County Bicentennial Celebration. Mr. Geraghty noted it was a significant and historic time for the County of Warren as well as the Town of Warrensburg, which was also celebrating 200 years.

Acknowledging the Bicentennial Citizens Advisory Committee, Mr. Geraghty introduced its members including the Warren County Historian, Ann McCann. Ms. McCann opened her remarks by introducing the Commemorative Bicentennial Magazine, which includes a detailed history of Warren County, each individual community, the important people of each community, and the names of those who worked so diligently to record County history. 60,000 free copies of the commemorative magazine, produced in cooperation with The Post Star, will be provided to each municipality for local distribution.

Upcoming Bicentennial events begin with the recognition of the 200th Anniversary of the Town of Warrensburg on February 15th. On March 12th church bells around the county will ring in unison at 2:00 p.m. as part of the “Ringing of the Bells” to celebrate the actual day that Warren County was officially formed. These and a host of other events throughout the county can be found on the Bicentennial website.

In conclusion, Ms McCann thanked the Citizens’ Advisory Committee for all the work they have done to bring the Bicentennial celebration to fruition. She then presented Chairman Geraghty and members of the Board of Supervisors with a copy of the Commemorative Bicentennial Magazine and Bicentennial lapel pin.

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