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Warren County Bicentennial

Floyd Bennett speaking at Shepard Park

Major Events

1813 – 1913

The Pottersville Fair began in 1878. It was started by the Glendale Union Agricultural Society. Charles H. Faxon, as president of the society, converted a large plot of land in Pottersville to fair grounds. The Fair began as a place where “prize cattle, the outstanding produce and the handcraftsman were feted”. It grew to include harness and trotting races, dances and music performances, wire acts, a circus for the children, and other events. It ended about 1916 with the onset of World War I.

1913 – 2013

In 1964 the National Christmas Tree was supplied by the Town of Chester. A movement for an Adirondack tree on the White House lawn was started in 1960 by Robert Hall, editor and president of the Warrensburg-Lake George News. After a two year search the 70 foot white spruce was discovered by Douglas Luke of the West Virginia Pulp and Paper. The tree had been planted by George Robinson and his son, Buel, on Landon Hill. The Adirondack Lumbermen’s Association agreed to the tree, and it was protected and nourished until 1964. Permits were obtained for roads in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland to move the oversized load to the nation’s capital. Paul Hillman, of Hillman Trucking, of Fort Edward transported the tree to Washington, D.C. The tree was adorned with 5000 red and white bulbs and was the center piece at the annual Pageant of Peace in December 1964. At the base of the tree was the “Christmas Card to the Nation” prepared by Forrest Jones.

The Town of Chester was set off from Thurman March 25, 1799. In 1999 the Bi-Centennial of the Town of Chester was celebrated. Among the activities and events were a self-guided walking tour of Chestertown, historical photo displays in Pottersville and Chestertown and a Bi-Centennial Parade which was held in July 1999.

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