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Warren County Bicentennial

Floyd Bennett speaking at Shepard Park

Black Marble Works

The Glens Falls black marble works were located on land directly behind the Finch Paper mill main office of 1911. When Samuel Pruyn founded Finch Pruyn Company on June 21, 1865 it is known that black marble was being mined on the site. How long before is not known but the mining ended with sales by Finch, Pruyn & Company in November of 1923. The actual quarrying ended about two years before. The Glens Falls mine was the only documented black marble mine in the United States at that time and is one of the hardest marble types in existence. There are many samples of the marble in the older homes of Glens Falls since it was used for fireplace mantels.

Black marble from this site was contributed to the Washington Monument in Washington D.C. as New York’s States official donation. The marble is located at the 160 foot landing of the monument and is inscribed with: “New York – Excelsior”. It was received and installed in 1886. The Washington Monument is a tapering shaft or obelisk, 555 feet high and 55 feet square at the base that was begun in 1848 and finished in 1888. The first 150 feet was built of white Maryland marble, in two feet courses. The next thirteen courses are of white Massachusetts marble with the capstone weighing 3300 pounds. Imbedded in the interior walls are memorial stones contributed by each state then in the union, cities and organizations, with inscriptions. In 1936 when the Glens Falls Times published an article which stated that the U.S. Park Service had no proof where the Warren County contribution was quarried. The writers went back to some of the noted historians of the day and Finch, Pruyn and Company who confirmed that it was Glens Falls black marble taken from this location.

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