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Warren County Bicentennial

Floyd Bennett speaking at Shepard Park

Earl Thomas Woodward; 1891-1954

He was born in Forest Lake, Ohio and was a school teacher and farmer. He was unhappy with bothand went to New York to find his place. There is a story that he took a map circled it was his hand and jabbed a pin in the map. The nearest place to the pin was Stony Creek. He went to Stony Creek liked the mountains, streams and wooded acreage. He went back to Ohio settled his affairs and he and his first wife Helen came back. He thought people would like to hunt and fish and enjoy good food. He advertised in Field and Stream magazine and the guests came. His first job was with Jack Arehart tearing down John P Bowman tannery. Soon after he bought standing lumber and hired help to skid and deliver it. Then he bought Stony Creek Country Club and named it Stony Creek Dude Ranch. He sold it to Hazel and Harold Ogden. They managed it successfully for many years. After several ventures in Stony Creek and Hadley he bought land in Lake Luzerne. He bought an old farm house and built cabins and started Northwoods, he sold that to Mr. and Mrs. William Woodsiavin. He bought Checkboalyd Farm from Martin Howe which included building lots around the newly made Lake Vanare. He also bought land on the other side the road and built Lake Forest and Lake Allure. In 1939 he started to build Hidden Valley and Rocky Ridge was used as overflow of Hidden Valley. He sold Hidden Valley to Mr. and Mrs. Alan Miteltree in 1941 and Rocky Ridge to. Mr. & Mrs. William B. Cook in 1944. He also sold Ferguson Hollow to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Isaason for Painted Pony. After this he went on to Bolton Landing for more success. He really knew his real estate.

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