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Warren County Bicentennial

Floyd Bennett speaking at Shepard Park

The Town of Stony Creek

Stony Creek Township about 87 square miles in area is in the southwestern corner of the original Town of Thurman formed in 1792. Parcels in the north and east kept separating off as new townships. In 1813, the same year that Warren County was formed, Warrensburg split off and the area left named Athol. On November 3, 1852 Athol was split into the towns of Stony Creek and Thurman.

The population in 1855 was 913. The permanent population in 2002 was 600.

First settlers were James Ferguson, John, George, and William Riley, William and Alexander Murray, Hugh McMillen and John and James Cameron. The first birth was Anna Murray. First supervisor was James McDonald. The first postmaster was Thomas Ackley.

Lumbering and allied industries were the main source of income in the early days. As the town grew other businesses started including a peg factory, broom handle factory, tannery, woodenware factory and cooper’s shop. Many residents farmed for their own maintenance.

At one time there were 5 churches, 3 post offices and a general store.

There are 18 cemeteries located around town.

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