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Warren County Bicentennial

Floyd Bennett speaking at Shepard Park

Daniel and Columbus Gill

Daniel Gill was born in Norwich, England on October 5, 1757. He came to this country to do battle for the British but after witnessing the irreconcilable brutality recorded in history, where a British officer pins an American officer to the ground with his sword, which he only a moment before had surrendered. Gill and a comrade deserted the British and took an active part in favor of his adopted country. After the end of the war he taught school.

In 1799 Daniel married Aseneth Hartman (Hartwell) who was born in 1778. They were parents to sixteen children. They lived first in Castleton, Vermont, then Hadley, New York, ending in Stony Creek, New York. Aseneth died in 1841 and Master Gill, as Daniel was familiarly known, died June 20, 1844, age 63. Aseneth and Daniel are the oldest burials in the cemetery.

One of Daniel and Aseneth Gill’s children was Christopher Columbus Gill. Columbus, also known as “Lum,” was born in Castleton, Vermont on May 5, 1809. He moved to Stony Creek in the 1830s and in 1833 married Lurany Kathan. They had eight children.

Lum built a grist mill and sawmill 200 feet above the grist mill bridge (the former green bridge), which he operated until the 1850s. In 1858 he bought a farm from James and Mary Fuller and moved to the Center. Just north of the house he built and operated a store near where the present Stony Creek Marketplace is today.

Columbus was a supervisor 1861-1862 and 1864-1865, postmaster, assemblyman, and local census taker in 1855. He died on March 29, 1884. In his will he speaks of “the burying ground and vault on the hill on my premises are to be always kept intact and never sold.”

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