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Warren County Bicentennial

Floyd Bennett speaking at Shepard Park

Stony Creek Free Library

The original location of the Stony Creek Free Library was on property that was once part of the Francis J. Dean farm. The library was founded in 1916 as a result of the effort of Florence Julliette Ashley in gratitude to Stony Creek’s people who saved her life, Edythe Haskell recounted. It was in the front room of the house on Lanfear Road that is now known as the Frank Hastings residence. (House is now own by the Mohl family) Mrs. Haskell’s aunt Lucy Moore was the first librarian, immersed herself in the library, donating her time and the space in her home, which she would open at any hour of the day to the library users.

In a Warrensburg News article dated April 7, 1921: A provisional charter for the Stony Creek Free Public Library was received this week. At the end of five years it will be replaced by an absolute charter if we acquire and maintain the proper standing, which we hope we do.

June 12, 1930 Warrensburg News article: The Stony Creek Free Library, which was recently moved to rooms over Glassbrook’s store is open each Tuesday from 4 to 5 in the afternoon and each Saturday afternoon. Dorothy Frye is librarian.

The library has been at its present location at 37 Harrisburg Road since 1960. The library was built on a plot of land donated by Ed and Pearl Kreinheder. In 1994 an addition was added onto the rear of the original structure on land donated by Pat and Daniel Liebl. Community volunteers, including the Boy Scouts and residents of Rainbow Ranch constructed much of the addition. Mr. and Mrs. James Strathren donated sixteen feet of additional land on the north side for access in the rear of the building. In 2007 the Stony Creek Free Library purchased the neighboring, former Stony Creek Methodist church building with plans to restore the building and transform it into the new library space.

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