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Warren County Bicentennial

Floyd Bennett speaking at Shepard Park

Stony Creek United Methodist Church

One hundred and fifty six years ago (1854) the Stony Creek United Methodist Church was organized. The one-quarter acre of land was purchased from Columbus and Lurany Gill for fifty dollars.

In 1856, the building was erected. It is an example of Colonial Greek Revival style. The features of this style are a pediment (the triangular face of a roof gable) separated from the remainder of the wall by a cornice (a projecting portion of trim). This cornice bands the building at a level below the eaves. Flat column-like trim frames the corners. Plain clear glazing, multi-paned double-hung windows, in plain rectangular framed openings were a matter of choice for this style. Clapboard siding, which still exists in the pediment area, was the colonial siding typical of this period church. The church originally had no steeple. The present relatively low belfry is original, in keeping with the style.

Among the first members were, Freeman Holmes, Alexander Kennedy, James Kathan, John A. Cameron, Benoni Aldrich, and Columbus Gill. The first regular minister was Z. C. Pickett.

A landmark day in the history of the church was the arrival of the church bell. The Glens Falls Republican of September 8, 1874 gave a lighthearted account when the Methodist Church reached that milestone.

“The bell so long talked of has come at last, and has been placed in the belfry of the M.E. Church of Creek Centre, and now the hills and valleys resound the first time in Stony Creek to the music of the church bell. The wild beasts arouse from their lairs and howl: the natives are astonished and cry out what to pay! Echo answers; pay your subscriptions to the bell fund. The bell weighs 457 pounds and can be heard nearly a mile away.” The bell cost $200.00.

The church also had a parsonage. On April 20, 1866 Freeman Holmes and Sally his wife, deeded a small parcel that was just south of the land of John Dean to the trustees. The transaction, which was settled for $343.00 was exclusively witnessed by J.P. Bowman and notarized by Columbus Gill, bringing together in one room some of Stony Creek’s most powerful men.

In the back of the church was a long open shed for horses to stand in to be out of the weather. They left them harnessed to the wagons.

In 1953-54 memorial stained glass windows were installed at the cost of $1200.00.

In the 1960’s a new heating system, drop ceiling, and lighting system were installed. The balcony over the entrance was closed off in 1964.

In 2005 the church closed its door. In 2007 the Stony Creek Free Library purchased the building. In 2009 the church was listed on the NYS Historical Register of Historic Places and in 2010 it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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