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Warren County Bicentennial

Floyd Bennett speaking at Shepard Park

The Underground Railroad

The story has come down locally that Route 9 was the passageway of the Underground Railroad through Warren County, according to the memory of Lake Luzerne old-timer Doris Bennett. At perhaps the nearest Route 9 sanctuary to Stony Creek, the pastor of the Darrowsville Wesleyan Church hid away fleeing slaves at the parsonage between Warrensburg and Chestertown, on the old cutoff from the present Route 9.

Perhaps this underground passageway along the present-day Route 9 explains why Stony Creek Wesleyan Methodist abolitionists hid slaves up in the rocky clefts where the hill climbs into forest above Murray Road.

Was Stony Creek a spur on the Route 9 Underground Railroad?

When Mrs. Edythe Haskell (noted genealogist, author and native of Stony Creek) was a young woman, her mother Minnie Brown, showed her the shallow caves where runaway slaves were hidden away during their shadowy travels over the final legs of North Country routes to the Canadian border. The caves were formed by the ice-forced movement of rectangular wedges of granite being heaved away from the main bedrock. Narrow hiding places high above the fields and woods of Creek Center face warm west sun, perhaps collecting enough heat to make the overnight sanctuary bearable when it was unsafe to light a fire.

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