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Warren County Bicentennial

Floyd Bennett speaking at Shepard Park

District #4 School house

There were 10 school districts in the Town of Stony Creek. It isn’t now known how all these districts came into being, but some of them were formed before Stony Creek separated from the Town of Athol (1852).

District #4 was one of these schools. In a deed, dated October 1, 1845, John Deen (Dean) and Louisa Deen (Dean) his wife, of the Town of Athol, conveyed the property to the trustees of district No.9 in the Town of Athol. This property was part of Lot 6 in “the first survey of small Dartmouth….supposed to contain on half acre and five rods of land….”

The Stony Creek Historical Association in 1975 hoped to acquire this schoolhouse for a museum to house the many artifacts and records of the townspeople for future generations to enjoy.

The schoolhouse was the last remaining schoolhouse in the entire township not in private ownership. The Association felt that being centrally located in Creek Center would be convenience for both residents and visitors. The structure was unique in that it was a two-story one-room schoolhouse. The space could serve most efficiently with museum exhibition, the first floor for easy access and workroom and storage on the second floor.

Their dream was realized and years later in 1999 they were left the David and Edythe Haskell estate. This property is adjacent to the schoolhouse on 7.8 acres complete with a two story Victorian house, barns and outbuildings. The house was built in 1871 by Francis J. Dean Mrs. Haskell’s grandfather. Francis Dean was son of John and Louisa Dean.

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