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Warren County Bicentennial

Floyd Bennett speaking at Shepard Park

Historic Buildings

First 100 Years

The building known as The Pillars was built before the Civil War in 1840 and at the time was called The Elms because of the stately trees that once lined the property. Colonel Thomas S. Gray, a partner of Colonel Burhans, had the house designed by an architect that he sent to Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's home, to garner ideas for his home.

The Samuel Judd house is one of the oldest in Warrensburg, being built in 1789. It reflects the saltbox design which was the style of many homes of that time. In 1919 Howard Hull purchased the property and he and his wife operated a dairy farm until after World War II. Austin and Kitty Perry bought the house and land in 1960 raising and boarding horses. It is now known as the Kit and Kin Ranch.

The Richards Library opened in 1901, a gift to the people of Warrensburg by Mary Richards Kellogg and Clara Richards, the granddaughters of Colonel Burhans and Peletiah Richards. The sisters donated the land, the building, fully equipped and an endowment fund for its operation. The limestone was taken from a local quarry. At one time it contained a museum with many rare and beautiful curios, gifts of Mrs. W. F. Allen of Honolulu, a former resident of Warrensburg. A fire on December 24, 1914 caused serious damage, but the building was fully restored by Mary and Clara.

Second 100 Years

The Bandstand located in the Floyd Bennett Memorial Park on the corner of Elm, Hudson and Main Street was designed by a native of Warrensburg, Paul E. Gurney. It was erected in 1929. It was built in the colonial style to compliment the Merrill Home and the Colonial Arms, both which were adjacent to the park. Concerts have been held there ever since, ranging from High School Bands to Country and Western bands.

Emerson Memorial Town Hall Prior to 1965, the Town met in different locations. Albert Emerson had left the town $150,000 to build a town hall. The property was owned by Frank Olden and had previously been the site of the Burhan’s mansion.

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