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Warren County Bicentennial

Floyd Bennett speaking at Shepard Park

Major Events

First 100 Years

February 12, 1813 – Warrensburgh was incorporated.

First Town meeting April 4, 1813.

1905 The railroad spur from Thurman Station into Warrensburg, which enabled businesses to ship their products easily.

River Drive Norman and Alanson Fox were the first to undertake the river driving of logs on the Schroon River in 1813. White pine logs harvested on the Brant Lake Tract were floated down the Schroon and Hudson Rivers to the mills in Warrensburgh and Glens Falls. Other loggers followed suit and the next 140 years, rivers became the primary means to move softwood logs to the mills further south

Second 100 Years

In 1949 Marilyn Monroe and Don Defoe arrived in Warrensburg to award the prize from a contest sponsored by Photoplay magazine to Ginny McAllister, who entered a contest to win a Dream House. It was built on a lot on James Street, near the school. When the house was finished, the sponsors fully furnished it.

In May of 2001nearly 400 properties were listed to the New York State and National Historic Registers. In 1993 the Architectural Heritage Committee of Warrensburgh Beautification, Inc. was formed. An intensive Level Survey of Historic and Architectural Resources in the Hamlet was created, leading up to the 2001 listing. Previously the Warrensburgh Mills Historic District had been listed in 1974. The new listing brought the total number of properties on the Registers to 428, the largest north of Saratoga to the Canadian border.

On June 29, 1938 Warrensburg mail delivery was inaugurated, with two carriers delivering the first batch of mail to the doorsteps of the addressees. Mail was delivered, starting at 8:15 o’clock each morning for the first delivery of the day. The second and final delivery was between 1 and 2 o’clock. Collection of mail was made by the carriers as they made their trips for delivery. Parcel post was delivered but once a day, between 4 and 5 o’clock. The cost for sending a letter to an address in town was two-cents. Out-of-town postage rates were three cents.

The Warrensburg Fire Company was established in May, 1921 and William M Condon was elected the first Chief of the Fire Company. At that time, the equipment consisted of two chemical carts, two hose reels and nine hydrants. The next year the Fire Commission purchased an auto fire truck and established a system of fire alarm signals.

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